Healpline Number

World’s first ever Paranormal Helpline number is introduced by Jay Alani to help out the distressed minds and give them a sign of relief. This helpline number is ready to serve the people round the clock at any day of the week, that is, it is open to you to serve 24*7. The helpline serves without charging any kind of fee for the greater good of people.


This is the first and the foremost initiative taken up in the whole wide world in order to serve the humanity and help them out from such dreaded situations. The uneasy events affect the mental health of people and this weakness is targeted and taken advantage of by tantriks and babas around the world. The constant fear meddling in the brain forces people to believe these burglers who in turn, mould people’s thoughts and play mind games just to make money and fill their pockets.  This initiative stands firm on the concern that paranormal activities and its effects on mental and physical health can be healed and cured by proper supervisation of doctors, psychologists, psychiatrist and most importantly paranormal investigator and researcher. The helpline offers you to contact through a team of professionals who are learned and trained in overcoming traumas and fear related to paranormal events. It is an open forum to discuss and take advice from without being charged any kind of fees or offerings. The cases of forgeries by babas and tantriks can also be reported and a redressal mechanism shall be initiated from our side in order to protect your rights and honour. 


The motive to start such a service is to reach out to masses of India, located even in the remote areas in order to bring out the clarity and concept of paranormal world which was unknown to our ancestors. 


We are ready to reach out to you to investigate your case, if you reach out to our team. We are just a call away. Do not delay to ring us before you witness another spooky event in your life. 


Paranormal Helpline Number: +91-9999518600